Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Playing at the Mall

We went to the mall the other day.

Faith (my oldest daughter) and Archer (her son).
Shea, Avery, Jude and me.

Just did a little shopping.....a little eating.....and a little playing!

Our mall has a small play area.  Faith suggested that we let the kids, mainly boys play there for a bit.
I wasn't so sure.....  Jude had only been home a few weeks......

What the heck.  Let's have a go at it.

This was the first time that Archer and Jude would actually "play" together, hmmmmm???

And y'all know that Jude is only a few months older than my grandson, right?
Jude is Archer's uncle.
Interesting to say the least.  ;)

Archer is a whirlwind.  He is fast on his feet.  He is confident.  He is so stinking cute!

Jude (for now) is very tentative.  Kinda wobbles when he walks.  He is cautious and careful.  He, too, is so stinking cute!

And off they went!

Fearless Archer followed by shaky Jude.

This may have been Jude's first time going down a slide.

C'mon Dude, I'll wait for you.....

But only for a second.....

Left in the dust again.

It was so much fun watching these two run, climb, and play!

I think Jude had a ball!

I am one blessed Mommy/Mimi!!!

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