Monday, January 6, 2014

It was wonderful, truly wonderful......

Christmas Eve 2013

Yes,  I am late in posting about our WONDERFUL Christmas.....
But ya know......Better Late Than Never!

First time in a long time that ALL the kiddos were home!

What a blessing!

Always fun trying to get ready for the Christmas Eve family picture....

Then of course we have the "big kid" pictures:

Drew and Katie

Scott and Stephanie

Faith and Jon and Archie.....yep, I know Archie isn't a 'big kid', but he hangs with his 'big kid' parents.

Pictures with Grandma

Group Pictures

Then a pic of the "Boss"!

Shea and Avery had fun on Christmas morning styling their dolls' hair.

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Hope y'all had a very blessed and joy-filled Christmas!!

Next year.....this little guy!
Can NOT wait!!!

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  1. A wonderful Christmas. LOVE the photos of everyone. Your new addition is absolutely precious! Excited for you. Will pray you will get to him soon.