Thursday, April 25, 2013

Update on my boy!!!

I work up this morning to this!

Been crying like a baby.....

What a great way to start  my day!!!

And this.

And this!

And this!!!!!


Is he the cutest little guy? Or what???

Ann at Red Thread to China ROCKS!!!!

I ordered a package for Liam and requested an update LESS THAN A WEEK AGO!!!!  BAM!!!

I probably would have received an update sooner if I was really on top of my game......just sayin'.

I highly recommend her!!!!

Oh yeah, I found out the following:

He is in good health.  He is flexible (?), loves to climb, likes 'free life' (again ?), isn't a fan of being constrained.  (lol, love this!!!)

However, he seems to be a bit shy....and doesn't talk much.

*Well, my little boy.....I'm sure your sisters will love you to pieces and do ALL the talking for you!!!

Oh, and I'm so in love with this little guy!!!

deep sigh.....

Thank you Jesus for giving me another child, another son!!!

I am so blessed!!!


  1. Sweetness!! He's so cute - updates are the BEST in the waiting!

  2. He is so cute !! It's great you got these pics and info about him !!'

  3. AHHHHH! What a way to wake up! Love the cutie too!!!!! So happy for you!

  4. He looks SO sweet!!! I know you're dying to get your hands on him!

  5. Oh, little Liam! You are SO LOVED already and prayed for abundantly by so many! Can't wait to meet you! Graham already has a pile of "Shea's brother's cars" to share with you when you come down the street to play. Chris, my heart leaps for joy with you. Love. Love. Love!

  6. I don't get around blogs as much anymore but am so glad I caught this post! So excited about Liam coming HOME. We will have had Sam (our youngest from China) home SEVEN years this summer! OH MY!

    Liam has the sweetest face! Congrats!