Thursday, February 21, 2013

Help Brad Come HOME!!!

Awwwww, sweet Brad!

As it says on our AOW blog....

"to know Brad is to love Brad"!!!!

How true.

I had the privilege of meeting Brad in October of 2011.


He is a loving, happy, and caring child.

He has a twinkle in his eye.....and one can't help but be drawn to him.

Brad has a chance to know the love of a family.....forever!

from our AOW blog:

"...our sweet boy has just been given a chance to see his dream become a reality. But we need YOUR HELP to make this possible.
Brad’s adoption papers have been released for international adoption, but the papers have assigned to him a birth date of 1999. This means that a family coming forward for Brad would have barely 7 months to complete the adoption before Brad becomes ineligible for adoption. We never want to see the words “aged out” next to Brad’s name. We owe it to him to do everything in our power to give him THIS ONE chance. Let US gather as the AOW Community and Let US stand in the gap for Brad. Together we can raise the funds to help his family with the costs of Brad’s rushed adoption.
We simply cannot let Brad’s dream be crushed … With your help, Brad can be a brother and a son FOREVER!"
To learn more about Brad, please visit our AOW blog here.
Would you consider donating to his adoption fund?
Please visit Reece's Rainbow: Brad.

Would you consider helping us to spread the word about Brad?
Click on Brad's picture (below) to do just that!

An Orphans Wish

Together, we can help BRING Brad HOME!!!!

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