Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Snapshot {Liam and Wild Olive Tees}

Hi, my name is Chris.

I am addicted to Wild Olive Tees!

This addiction has been going on for about three years! *I think*

Stefanie hooked my up!

I am forever in her debt!!!

I LOVE me some Wild Olive Tees!

This past Christmas I bought my hubby, my son, Scott, and his {precious} wife, Stephanie a Wild Olive Tee.
(Aren't they cute? I mean the kids, well the tees are quite cute as well.)

We are growing into a Wild Olive Tee family!  Fo' real!

We have been partnering with Wild Olive Tees for months as they help us to bring home our son, Liam.
(We need to get him home....gotta get a smile on his adorable little face! ASAP)

This is how it works:

For every tee purchased, we get $10 towards our adoption fund.


We have sold 40 far.

That means, with Wild Olive Tees help, we have raised $400 (so far) to help off set our adoption related expenses.


We are STILL fundraising. Of course.

We can STILL use your help.

If you have never ordered a Wild Olive Tee, check them out here.

If you have ordered a Wild Olive Tee, you can never have my humble opinion.

They have just added men's tees....
Sportin' the father/son look!

(And they have just recently added some new women's tees as well.)

Tees are only $30.
$10 goes toward our adoption fund.

In a nut shell:
You get a tee for $20 and you{graciously} donate $10 to our adoption fund....HELPING us bring home our little guy!

Go here to order a tee.
And enter BERINGER 524 in the pink "enter coupon" box.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

(What is it about guys and their *ahem* muscles????)

Ni Hao Yall


  1. Ohmigoodness. Y'all are adorable :)

  2. Now this made me giggle! Seriously cute!
    And look how super skinnier you are getting! WOW!