Friday, August 3, 2012

Sweet Moon Baby....

Avery loves this book.  Shea does, too.  But Avery really loves it!

Sweet Moon Baby An Adoption Tale
Written by Karen Henry Clark

It is so sweet.

It very gently tells the story of one precious baby girl's journey from her China parents to the parents who are earnestly waiting for her arrival.

It is presented as a 'tale' with edges of reality woven throughout the pages.

Avery loves the illustrations.  In particular.....she thinks the baby is 'pretty'.

This tale of adoption opened the door to many questions and some very important discussions.


Shea, who is a very logical thinker....(she debunked the Santa Clause thing when she was three years old) zeroed in on the thing that is bothering her the most lately....

The WHY.

Why did they abandon her (me)?
Why couldn't they keep her (me)?
Why is China dumb?
Why did God allow this to happen?

Pretty deep stuff for a 7 year old.

Avery's biggest question:

How could both sets of parents be happy and sad?

I would highly recommend this book.
The illustrations are precious.
I love the fairy tale-ishness.
The animals who help the child get to her destination are presented as kind and compassionate.  They kind of reminded me of the help we received 'along the way' as we waited for our daughters.
I value the *reality* that this story gently presents as well.
The reality that there is pain and sorrow with adoption, but there is also joy and hope.....lots of love and happiness as well.

Thank you Karen.
This lovely story provided a way for my daughters to express themselves.
It gave us (and it continues to do so every time we read it) opportunity for discussion.

Avery summed up Sweet Moon Baby quite well:

"Well, at least the baby has lots of people loving her, two mommas and two daddies...just like we do!"


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  1. Yep, it's a favorite in our house too. both by the kids who love the illustrations and fanciful journey down the river and me who loves the discussions it has sparked.