Friday, January 28, 2011

Ya know how teachers say to walk in the hallways........


I, as a teacher should know this.

I, as a teacher has said this.very.thing!

On Monday of this week....

I, as a teacher was running (gasp) in the hallway at school to my classroom because I was a tad bit late for class....

 I fell.


Broke my {left} arm....maybe elbow.
Bruised my {right} hand and messed up my {right} foot.


Finished teaching, though.
Then went to the walk-in clinic.
Where the doctor was shocked surprised to see someone of "my age" waiting for him.
He was expecting to see a kid.....cuz according to the notes he received....
The said person was injured because of RUNNING IN THE HALLWAY AT SCHOOL.....y'all!

I am now the poster child...errrr, to why running in school is not a good idea! :)

Man, oh man!  I only teach part time.
Two eighth grade's very part time. This injury is 'full-time'!

 Falling, and breaking something is so NOT cool!

However, I have been receiving a LOT of tender care from my family and from my 8th graders.

My husband has been doing all the cleaning! YAY!
My oldest son has been giving the Littles all their baths!
My oldest daughter has just been in general very, very helpful!

The 8th graders have been not much.
They have been paying attention....a little more.
They even wrote me a bunch a get-well cards.....without making too many grammatical and spelling mistakes! :)

Hair & make-up has been a definite challenge.
Getting dress has been interesting....heck, the clothes....shirts....I am wearing have been interesting....considering it is the middle of winter up here in the North.....been wearing lots of t-shirts....even when I teach....not too professional....

However, I do have a huge, cumbersome, totally unflattering cast on my arm.

deep sigh!

More x-rays next week....
I had  a lot of {initial} swelling for the doc to know for sure the extent of my injury.

At school today,  lots of kids...
big kids....
little kids....
middle-sized kids.....
All were looking at me with a mix of sorrow and wonderment....

"So this is what happens when you run in the hallways....hmmmm."

Yes,children, this is what happens when you run and fall and you're....ahem....old{er}!

Live and learn! Kiddos! Live and learn.


  1. Oh Chris! What a bummer to have to deal with a broken arm! Though I have to admit...the part about the doctor expecting a child "running in the hall at school" did tickle my funny bone. :) Hope you heal quickly!

  2. You sweet girl. You must have been in pain! good thing you have such great helpers. Hope you heal quickly and everyone learns not to run in the hall again.

  3. Ouch!! You poor thing, feel better

  4. Oh my...poor girl! I broke my arm too on my way to school! Slipped on ice...yes, I admit from rushing :) and drove to school (while crying and in a lot of pain!). When I got there they sent me straight to the ER. Isn't it funny to be a teacher? God must just laugh at us! It does prove we are just as human as they are!

    Praying for healing!!

  5. I am so sorry to hear this!! Make the best of it and enjoy your pampering! I will be praying for a quick recovery :)

  6. OUCH! I am so clumsy I am always falling, haven't broken anything yet, thankfully. I am hoping you have aquick recovery!

  7. That is SO funny! Sorry you know empathy is not my strong characteristic!! What color is your cast?? Have the girls been writing all over it? They could make it SO pretty!!! You must have fallen REALLY hard! Kim Klein would have wet her pants if she could have seen that!!
    I am sorry you're in pain, broken things probably hurt worse when you're older too(sorry about that one), but you know what I mean!
    Enjoy the older kids stepping it up around the house...and Dave too! Now you'll just be late next time instead of running!! Be careful up there!!!

  8. Poor Chris! Last fall I sprained my ankle trick-or-treating with the kids. It was such a humbling experience. I love a good lesson, I just hate being the main character. I'm glad you've got your peeps to take good care of you while you heal!
    God's blessings,
    Sarah :D

  9. Yikes!!! Hopefully it will heal quickly and you'll be cast-free before you know it. In the meantime, hopefully you picked out a cool cast color ;)

  10. Oh, Chris, this so sounds like something I would do! I'm so sorry this happened and I hope the pain is easing now. I know the inconvenience will stay with you for awhile. Glad to hear the family (and your eighth graders) are stepping up to the plate.

  11. Bet you'll never run again, will you.

    Didn't they let you pick a color for your cast?

  12. Ouch! I hope you feel better soon!

    Amy Kearns