Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Big 4!

My littlest one is four!

Not sure how that happened.

It seems like yesterday, we were just bringing him home from China....

And now.

He's four.

And this little one?

He's into Diggers and Dump Trucks...and all things "construction"!

Can you tell?

He was enthralled with his cake.

Quite frankly, so were we!
It was super yummy.

Blowing out the candles is some serious business.

Gotta really strategize.

Four candles.

Gotta get 'er done.

And that last one?

Super hard to get.

But finally.


What really makes this day special??

How about celebrating with Dad?

It's Daddy's birthday too!

Daddy got his own cake as well.

We are so blessed to celebrate with family.....


All good things must come to an end.


And picture taking. Ahem.

There are only so many pictures one little four year old boy can take.