Monday, May 23, 2016

This's his birthday!

Yeah, yeah....

I know he isn't a kid anymore.

He's (gulp) a grown man.

A grown married man.

But the thing is....

He's still my boy.

My baby, if you will.

And this baby?


Pretty much a miracle.

All babies are miracles. But this kid, this second child of mine? He beat the odds. He overcame obstacles even before he was born.....

Twenty-nine years ago when I was just 10 weeks pregnant with Scott, I got the chicken pox. Yep. already had them once when I was a kid. (But you know, getting them twice is what the cool kids do.) And one more interesting little fact....I got these "fun little pox" from my (then) one year old son. So, yeah. Scott's older brother was already giving him a hard time in utero. ;)

Several doctors advised us to "terminate the pregnancy".

Ummm, what?


Apparently, "the fetus" a.k.a. my precious baby, could have been born with some severe birth defects. Needless to say, it was scary for this mom who was only 24 at the time. It was scary for my husband as well.

Doctors were telling us to do something that we would never consider.
Doctors were telling us that the birth defects would be too hard for us.
For us.
For us???
What in the world????

We found a doctor who supported our decision not to "terminate the pregnancy".

Our new doctor told us there was a chance that our baby would not be affected by the chicken pox virus. Our doctor also asked us if we believed in miracles. Yes, we do kind sir!

Regardless, our baby simply was our baby. Period.

We trusted God no matter the outcome.

And our son?


He was born healthy.

A miracle. Thank you, Jesus!

Can't even imagine life without him.

Can't. Even.

This kid who always rooted (and still does) for the underdog.
This kid who is passionate, loving, kind, and generous.
This kid who is the truest of the true, loyal, hard-working, and dependable.
This kid who grew into an amazing man of God.

He's twenty-nine years old today!!!

Happy Birthday Miracle Boy!

Love you more than you will ever know!

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